Scientific, Professional and Social Interest

Translation Studies at UGR prove their excellence by the large number of Research, Technology and Development (RTD) projects and excellence groups researching in the field of Translation, an activity which is highly recognized in Spain. The teaching staff of the Department of Translation in our faculty take part in over ten research projects, excellence groups and over twenty teaching innovation projects.

As for professional careers, employability rates of students who have finished the Degree in Translation and Interpreting are higher than those of others degrees belonging to Arts and Humanities and other branches of knowledge, such as Social and Legal Sciences. According to a survey by the University of Granada about the students who finished their degrees in 2004 and 2005, those who finished their studies in Translation and Interpreting successfully fulfilled almost every qualification criteria pertaining to this branch of knowledge.

It is important to point out that the studies offered by the University, and specially in our Faculty, are oriented to tourism and public services, taking into account both the socio-economic situation of Granada and current labour market trends, such as audiovisual translation and localization.

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