Facilities and infrastructure


The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting is based both in Puentezuelas Street, in the so-called Palacio de las columnas, and in the building located in Buensuceso Street. The lessons take place in the so-called Palacio de las Columnas. In this building you can find the classrooms, a multimedia room, copying and printing services and the library. Wi-fi Internet connection is available throughout the building.

Computer facilities

The Faculty has five computing facilities equipped with computers connected to the Internet.

Multimedia classroom

In the multimedia classroom there are over ninety international TV channels available (BBC World, NBC, EbS, ARTE, RAI, TV5, etc), and over a hundred international radio stations.

Audiovisual facilities in the classrooms

pantalladomoThe Faculty offers modern audiovisual facilities for language learning and interpreting training. In every classroom there are retractable projector screens, loudspeakers and video projectors.

Interpreting laboratories

Room 1 is currently the most up-to-date laboratory for interpreting teaching and training in Spain. It is equipped with 14 booths for simultaneous interpreting and 32 listening posts. Room 2 is intended both for multilingual conferences with simultaneous interpreting and for the training of conference interpreting. There are two more interpreting laboratories, intended for general teaching.


The Faculty has a free-access library, which is reputed to be one of the most complete for Translation and Interpreting studies in Spain. To learn more, click on the Faculty of Translation web site.

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