Access and Admission

Access to the Degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering

Access to the Degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering does not require any complement additional to the national ones legally established. The University of Granada is part of the Single Andalusian District, for the purpose of students' access to the corresponding degrees. It is, therefore, the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the Regional Government of Andalusia which establishes the ways and procedures to access to the universities of our Autonomous Community. These procedures can be consulted on the website of the Directorate General of Universities of the Department of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the Regional Government of Andalusia on the Internet.

The access to the studies depends on your profile:

  • Students who come from High school. You must have a bachelor's degree and successfully pass the University Entrance Examination (PAU). The PAU consists of two parts: a general part, which evaluates basic skills and maturity to follow undergraduate teaching, and a specific and voluntary part to improve the Grade based on tests related to the studies you wish to study. The access to the university requires to obtain at least 4-points in the general phase of the PAU and, in addition, that the weighted average of the baccalaureate mark (60%) and the result of the general phase of the PAU (40%) result in a score of 5 or higher. The mark this way calculated is a number between 5 and 10, so that if you want to improve it by up to 4 more points you need to perform the specific part.
  • Students from Higher grade training cycles. It is necessary to be in possession of a professional training degree, a higher technician in the field of plastic arts and design, or a higher sports technician. The degree provides direct access to the University with an admission mark equal to the average academic record. It is possible to improve your admission score by up to 4 points by performing the specific PAU exams.
  • University graduates. For those students in possession of an official university degree issued or approved in Spain, there is a specific access quota that cannot be under 1% or upper 3%. These students will be ordered by the average of their degree.
  • Over 25 years old. The only requirement is to be at least 25 years old on 1 October of the year when you wish to take the course, not hold a technical or university qualification and pass an entrance examination.
  • Over 40 years old. This Access is based only on work experience in an area related to the studies you wish to study. There are no exams, but the relevance of the work experience provided will be assessed through an interview.
  • Over 45 years old. Open to any student who wish to enter the university, and who do not have other requirements for access to the university, and cannot prove work or professional experience. This access is only possible by means of an adapted test.

If a person accomplishes more than one access requirement, he or she may invoke them simultaneously in the admission procedure.

Profile of new students:

Although no prerequisites are foreseen to access to the Degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering, it is understood that the students should have previous training to facilitate the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and abilities associated with the studies. Specifically, the ideal profile for the Telecommunication Technology Engineering students is related with the physical-mathematical basis inherent to engineering, as well as to the technological capacity related to these professional fields. Personal, psychological and academic characteristics should include:

  • Ability and imagination for problem solving.
  • Ability in mathematical calculation, observation, analysis, abstract and numerical reasoning.
  • Ability to use computer resources.
  • Sense of organization.
  • Ease of communicating ideas and concepts.