The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting is based both in Puentezuelas Street, in the so-called Palacio de las Columnas, and in the building located in Buensuceso Street (opposite the School of Tourism).

Palacio de las Columnas

The lessons take place in the so-called Palacio de las Columnas. This Neoclassical-style building, also known as Palacio de los Condes de Luque, was probably designed by the Spanish architect Juan de Villanueva. The palace was built between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. It was intended for Count Luque's private residence. This richly decorated building consists of a central part and two wings, forming a U-shaped plan. The palace has a Neoclassical garden, which can be accessed from the ground floor of the building. Back in 1946 plans were made to adapt the building for the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, based in this building from 1948, until the time when the former School of Translation and Interpreting was founded.

Edificio Buensuceso

The other building pertaining to the Faculty of Translation is an old Granada-style house located in Buensuceso street. It is very close to the building located in Puentezuelas street. This three-floor building holds the departments of Librarianship and Documentation, Public International Law and International Relations, Greek and Slavonic Philology, Romance, Italian, Galician-Portuguese and Catalan Philology, Software and Computing Systems and Translation and Interpreting.

There is also a tutorial room for the teaching of elective courses. In addition, you can find a study room, a research room (both located in the ground floor) and a meeting room (in the first floor) which is intended for conferences and academic events. In April 2012 a new facility in Buensuceso was opened, La Casona. This facility holds some teachers' offices and it is accessed from the ground floor of Buensuceso. The central office of the Translation journal Sendebar is located in the first floor.

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