Más información para extranjeros

Information for students coming to the Faculty of humanities at the University of Granada academic year 2008-2009

Registration procedure

Application form is not required in advanced. On arrival, students will need to present a letter certifying that they have been awarded an Erasmus grant to study at our Faculty.

Once they have been registered at the Faculty of Humanities, they will get their identity card at the International Relations Central Offi ce (Complejo Administrativo “Triunfo”, Cuesta del Hospicio s/n). There, they have to apply for the placement test, which is a compulsory requirement to be able to join the Spanish course for Erasmus students.

For further details on the registration procedure, please visit this website

Learning agreement

Students choose their courses once they have registered. Learning agreements will be signed after course registration.

Attendance is not compulsory at this University and, therefore, lecturers do not have to control it. If your students need attendance certifi cates, note that they will have to ask for them at the Offi ce of International Relations at the Faculty of Humanities. In any case, we cannot guarantee this possibility. However, before leaving, they will be given a certificate stating the duration of their stay, with the date of arrival and departure.


Please note that students can register only those courses which take place in our Faculty. Every year, each Faculty offers a restricted number of courses for students of other Faculties, although we cannot always guarantee this option. For a list of courses available at our Faculty, please visit this page. There, you will fi nd the link , which includes a detailed explanation of each Degree.

Intensive spanish courses

UGR offers an intensive Spanish course to Erasmus students. This course is intended for students with an intermediate level of Spanish. Incoming students have to sit a placement test in order to be allocated to the corresponding level. The exact date for the language test will be available in this web page . Please note that students should arrive at Granada at least three days before the level test takes place in order to be registered in the Spanish intensive course.


There is an accommodation offi ce at the University. Further information at this page. There are also many notice boards where people announce flats to share and it is very easy to find a convenient place. Nevertheless, we recommend that students book a place to stay for their first two or three days at Granada.

If there is any further information you may need, please contact us by email (riletras@ugr.es), telephone (+34 958 24 89 56) or fax (+34 958 24 35 61).